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No life-altering philosophies. No depressing stories. No war crimes or injured puppy pictures. This is where you come at the end of a long day to smile and relax. So sit back, order a refreshing drink and share a laugh with me, your bartender for the evening.
And always remember that age-old, fluorescent green rule of life : An appletini a day keeps the doctor away.

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Anaesthesiologist. Friend. Foodie. Occasionally published here and there. Aquarian. Winner of the "Best Creative Writing Blog in India" award at the country's first live blogging conference and award function. Dog's best friend. 'Extrovertedly' introverted. Read more here.

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My other blog : Godyears

My other blog : Godyears
Chosen as the Best Blog in India for Creative Writing


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Waiting his turn

2:17 PM
Everyone has their own escape mechanisms at the end of a long day at work – some choose to turn towards music and movies while others ma...Read More
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