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French Rules !

I love the French. I love their language ( which I can speak not a word of ), the charm of their movies, their aura of mystique, the way they bring romance into anything, be it their cooking, their art or just getting the morning newspaper.
Oh, wait. I'm sorry. Did I say romance ? Uh... well, I'm partly right, i guess.

I came across this article recently.
For those of you who don't want to bother clicking the link, I'll try to provide the highlights in brief.

  • Dominique Strauss-Kahn is the former head of the International Monetary Fund.
  • He was widely tipped to be the next French President before he got caught in sexual assault charges with a hotel maid in USA in 2011.
  • He's appearing in court against charges that he uses $800-a-night escorts.
  • The reply of this 63 year young man to charges that since there were so many and so young women engaging in sex with him, how could he not know they were 'women of the night' ? 
    • a) There were only six... It's normal to have sex with 6 girls at a time.
    •  b) Most of the women I have sex with have the same age difference.
    • c) I could not have known they were prostitutes when I met them because they were all naked at the time.

Sigh.. his wife must be so proud of him. Her prize bull has still got it in him... and he's obviously ready to share it with every gal in town. Six at a time, no less. No wonder it's called French Kiss. Though technically, I think it ought to be called 'French Smack my fanny'. It's funny because more than a decade ago, Clinton was famously telling ( lying to ) us that he "did not have sex with that woman" while Monica Lewinsky was showing off her cigar skills. 
( Ironically, you have to give her credit - atleast she didn't do anything injurious to health - like SMOKE THEM !! ). 

But I think I understand the moral of this story. You need to have strong leaders who RISE TO THE OCCASION if you're going to be a World superpower, isn't it ? Which sadly brings us to the true reason of why we are never gonna be a superpower. I mean, do you seriously see yourself waking up one morning, opening the newspaper and reading about our President Pratibha Patel mouthing these words - "It's normal to have sex with six men at a time. I didn't know they were gigolos. They were just waiting at my jacuzzi in the Rashtrapati Bhavan naked." 

Nope. Ain't never gonna happen. Which means only one thing.

Manmohan Singh's gonna have to be the man who saves our ancient Kamasutra heritage from that French show-off. Who knows ? Maybe this is his true calling in life. He may not speak much ( or at all ), but by the way he's been working out recently ( see picture ), he is obviously our hunky stud muffin politician who's gonna show Strauss and the others how he likes his aloo parotta buttered.   

Viva le Sardar !!


  1. Damn! I just had a mental picture of Pratibha Patel and jacuzzis and Rashtrapathi Bhavan! :D :D

    Oh and that drink in the header looks absolutely yummy. *makes mental note to go buy a bottle of Smirnoff/Bacardi Green Apple asap*

    1. I'm glad I could force that mental image in your head... and yenjoy the Green apple .. hic :)

  2. hehe...:D
    Nice technical meaning of French kiss :D
    And never in the morning papers we would get such masala news *sigh*
    Our politicians can never go beyond watching porn in public! Maybe they must have done something similar- But they would never admit it. And if they get caught, there excuse would be- 'Its not me! It's my clone!'

    1. Its scary at some level,but Im actually gonna go out on a limb and say "yes, there are definitely MCPs in our Parliament who are guilty of the same." Only they would never allow themselves to be caught as u said.

  3. LOL! :D That's right. The right kind never get promoted to the ultimate post in the Indian political scenario. Sigh! :)

    1. I know, right.. anyway, if the guys in Parliament are dumbasses, might as well get some hunks and babes in there.. let them sprout their philosophies in beach wear... if nothing else, people will start watching Parliament channels :)


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