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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The best of : Phil Collins

I won't lie to you. It was so much fun making this list.

When I think of Phil Collin's songs, the first image in my mind is of a jeweller carefully examining a diamond and then nodding happily. Yes. This is the real deal. This is what a great voice and wonderful music put together feels like. 

Across three decades of songs, he has had umpteen Billboard Number Ones besides taking home the Grammys and even an Academy Award. In addition to singing, he was also the drummer for his band Genesis with the equally talented Peter Gabriel.

For me, the true talent of a singer is visible not just in his music videos and albums, but especially in his live performances and that's where I rate Phil Collins so highly.. there is no need for fireworks or dancers - more importantly, the voice is just as pristine in concert as it is on the album - something not many modern day 'artists/superstars' can boast of.

I had to trim quite a few chart-toppers before making my own Top 10 list. The fact that most of these songs alone are better than some of the 'modern day top 10 countdown' songs tells you how spoilt for choice I was.

Worthy contenders :
Take Me Home,     Two Hearts     Easy Lover,     
Son of Man,    Two Worlds,     Sussudio,
True colours,     Dance into the light.

Get your headphones ready. Because coming up : Iiiiiiiit's The Top 10 Phil Collin songs : 
( Spoiler alert : Another day in Paradise isn't gonna win it )

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An Angel in Demon's clothing

You all have obviously heard of Tom Cruise, right ? Johnny Depp ? Justin Bieber (ugh) ?
Sure. Big names. Famous guys. Superstars.
Now, tell me, who is Ron Perlman ?
No idea. Don't worry, I'll give you a photograph too.

Still, no idea, right ? 
If I asked you to name even one movie or Tv show where you've seen him, you wouldn't be able to. Probably seen him somewhere but definitely didn't even know his name till just now. Well, if for nothing else, remember him from now onwards for this one sweet act of his.

There is an organization in USA called the Make-A-Wish foundation which receives thousands of letters from dying and suffering kids about what they would like to do, given the chance. But when one young cancer patient requested to meet his idol, the foundation found themselves in a spot of bother.

You see, the problem was that the kid didn't want to meet an actor or a sportsman or musician. He wanted to meet a specific superhero from his comics and movie world. As if that wasn't enough, this wasn't just your normal everyday superhero either. There was neither a simple mask nor a fun suit to wear. It wasn't as though the kid wanted Batman or Superman who just needed a costume and hairgel. 
This boy wanted the 'demon with a heart of gold'.

Friday, October 19, 2012

10 Movie soundtracks of the 90s that Bollywood can be proud of

Bartender's warning : This post is best read with ear-phones plugged in.

Though I was born in the 80's, I am essentially a 'kid of the 90s'. They were the formative years of my life and as any teen will tell you - the movies of that age tend to hold a special place in our hearts. That being said, the 90's weren't a particularly great period in Bollywood - till '93, our country's biggest box office grosser was a movie involving 2 Govindas, 2 Chunkey Pandeys, 2 Kader Khans and a monkey ( though some dearly wished there were more of the latter and less of the former. )

Like the movies, the music soundtracks too were generally formulaic. Yet, there were a few diamonds that emerged from the rubble. These were albums that were instant hits when they arrived and now, even decades later, have weathered the test of time pretty well. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

10 Hollywood movies that were better than the book

I'm usually the first one to say that the book is always better than the movie. Yet while thinking of the converse, I was quite surprised to find that there were so many instances coming to mind where infact, the movie was superior to the book. It felt like a nice topic to discuss with fellow movie-and-book fans.

First up, movies that I felt were at par with the book :  
These are basically a list of movies that did justice to the original book, in my opinion.

Omen                                                   Bladerunner 
A Time to Kill                                     The Godfather 
A walk to remember                              Stand by me
One flew over the Cuckoo's nest               Atonement 
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo              Mystic River 
The Help                                    The English Patient 
Big Fish                                    Catch Me if you Can 
Fight Club                                          Runaway Jury
To kill a Mockingbird                                        Jaws
Primal Fear                                Gone with the Wind

Now that we've seen the runner-ups, let's head onto the main event : 
10 movies that were better than the book.

10. A Beautiful Mind
Credit goes to : Ron Howard ( director ) and Akiva Goldsman ( screenplay )
Frankly, the book is annoying and unengaging. It is depressing, it is harrowing and it delves too deep into jargon that isn't frankly relevant. The movie starring Russell Crowe atleast attempts to put on a hint of mystery, intrigue and more importantly hope to the real life story of delusional schizophrenic John Nash, who would eventually beat the odds and get a Nobel Laureate.