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The best of : Phil Collins

I won't lie to you. It was so much fun making this list.

When I think of Phil Collin's songs, the first image in my mind is of a jeweller carefully examining a diamond and then nodding happily. Yes. This is the real deal. This is what a great voice and wonderful music put together feels like. 

Across three decades of songs, he has had umpteen Billboard Number Ones besides taking home the Grammys and even an Academy Award. In addition to singing, he was also the drummer for his band Genesis with the equally talented Peter Gabriel.

For me, the true talent of a singer is visible not just in his music videos and albums, but especially in his live performances and that's where I rate Phil Collins so highly.. there is no need for fireworks or dancers - more importantly, the voice is just as pristine in concert as it is on the album - something not many modern day 'artists/superstars' can boast of.

I had to trim quite a few chart-toppers before making my own Top 10 list. The fact that most of these songs alone are better than some of the 'modern day top 10 countdown' songs tells you how spoilt for choice I was.

Worthy contenders :
Take Me Home,     Two Hearts     Easy Lover,     
Son of Man,    Two Worlds,     Sussudio,
True colours,     Dance into the light.

Get your headphones ready. Because coming up : Iiiiiiiit's The Top 10 Phil Collin songs : 
( Spoiler alert : Another day in Paradise isn't gonna win it )

10. In too deep


09. I wish it would rain down

08. Something happened on the way to heaven 
A wonderful song. Note the start of the video. While other artists would take a break between two songs for costume changes, Phil relaxes by playing the drums for the crowds !

07. In the air tonight 
His first single as a solo artist. Note the drums.

06. You cant hurry love 
Meant to cheer up those who are still searching for the true love of their life.


05. A groovy kind of love -
Number 1 in USA, Number 1 in Uk. Remember I was talking about the value of talent ? Here, you have just a piano and a voice... no beats to mask any flaws.

04. Against all odds ( Take a look at me now )
Like many of his hits before and after this, this too was primarily about reconciliation and aimed towards his first wife who had split from him. ( Perhaps there is something to what the canteen owner says in the Bollywood movie Rockstar - from a broken heart comes the best work. )

03. One more night
A very underrated song in my opinion. The lyrics maybe absurdly simple but they take nothing away from the pure soothing nature of this wonderful number. And yes, before you ask, that is Dumbledore playing the guitar in the video !!


02. Another day in paradise
Best British single - 1990. Final number 1 of the 80's in the USA Billboard charts. Was among the Top 2 in 11 different countries music countdowns simultaneously.
Highlighted the problems of the homeless.

1. You'll be in my heart
Academy Award Winner for best Original Song, Golden Globe Winner for best Original Song, Most number of weeks at that time ( 19 ) at Number 1 position on US Billboard Countdown. If Another Day in Paradise spoke of the issue of homelessness, this one touches closer to the heart - the selfless bond between a mother and a child.

Hope you had a good time. Tell me what you thought - of the list and the songs too.


  1. Cool list! No. 2 & 3 are my favorites.

    1. Pleasantly surprised to see 'One More Night' on people's list.. while I love the song, not many consider it among his top 5.. I expected thhat to be the controversial pic of the lot...

  2. its one more night, another day in paradise and u ll be in my heart for me... good songs.. good groove..

    1. exactly.. great set of songs.. most of the songs which didnt make the cut were themselves in the Top 5 in countdowns when they were released.

  3. It's one more night for me too !

    Haven't heard Phil Collins in a long, LONG time

    1. Glad to hear more fans for One More night.. guess I aint the only one.

      And stay tuned, will be putting up more golden oldies lists in the days to come..

  4. You'll be in my heart all the way! I have a special corner in my heart for In the air tonight too. What the hell, I love all of them! Sussudio! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad you liked it .. its an awesome collection to revisit.

  5. sandhya antony2/05/2013 10:00 AM

    one more night and a groovy kind of love my favorites

    1. Two songs which brilliantly showcase his voice..

  6. I love love love this artist. I have everything by him - in audio tapes Now thank god there's YouTube. :D Thanks for pointing me here. He's just superb!

    1. Totally agree.. there's just something magical about his voice. And he puts it to good use too.


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