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Monday, January 28, 2013

The best movies based on comic books / graphic novels.

Comic books.
For some reason, people associate those words with silly fantasy stories of flying men in multi-coloured tights and masks, fighting equally bizarre megalomaniacs who want to rule the world.  A true comic book fan would tell you that comic books have long been a mirror to society and it's own dilemmas, mirroring real life events and raising debates within imaginative minds. They have stopped being 'for kids' a long time ago... in some cases, the level of maturity and the themes in comic books far surpasses that which a young child ( and perhaps some of our own adults ) could possibly comprehend. 

I wanted to make a list of the best of comic book / graphic novel movies, imagining there would be a few dozen to choose from. Imagine my surprise when the final list I rounded up crossed 70 ! And this is after discarding sure-fire contenders like Tintin and Persepolis on the grounds that they were animated movies. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bad boys : My entry for the Get Published contest

Love is beautiful. Love is enchanting. Love is divine. 
Love is a whole lot of other wondrous adjectives, no doubt. But sometimes, love is also about driving the other person insane with your eccentricity. Sometimes, it is just about making the other person laugh till their belly aches and helping them remember, even years later, why they fell in love with you. 

Let us peek into the dining room of the Ravis where a father and son sit down for a heart-to-heart, reminiscing about the one woman they both love. And let us pray, for their sake, that she isn't around to hear them !!

Extract :

He watched his son's wooden expression and knew instantly what bothered him. He couldn't help it. He had always been a keen observer. His power of deduction and reasoning were well honed skills. They had been an integral part of his nature ever since he had played the main role in the school play of a Sherlock Holmes story, way back in 5th standard. Well, technically, he'd been cast as Watson, but any true mystery lover knew that the real hero was always Watson.
"Hmmm ?"
"I know you miss your mother and wish she were here."
He watched the boy lift his gaze from the mahogany table and stare back at him. Once more, Ravi felt his son's love for his mother emanate through those sullen eyes. This was going to be hard on him.
"You don't have to hide your feelings. You can be honest with me."
"Dad..." he started off, his words trailing away mid-sentence.
"Yes ?"
"I was just wondering what's for dinner tonight?" 

He's a brave boy, Ravi mused. After all, he hides his feelings so well. The alternative, that his deductive skills were not what they once used to be, did not cross his mind for more than a brief nano-second. After all, every true genius knew not to second-guess his... well, his first guess. He had read that thought in some profound book, he recalled. Was it Weiss? Murakami? Freud? Filmfare? He couldn't remember.

"Son, did I ever tell you the story of how your mom and I fell in love ?"
He heard a loud, exaggerated groan from across the table. 
Poor boy, Ravi thought. He must be really hungry.  

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