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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Godyears - Movies, TV shows, books and reviews

Godyears - Laughter and Happiness

* - Author Favourites

  1. *My 1.34 crore resume : This is how I'm gonna get Facebook to pay me 1.34 crores or more. 
  2. *Ask Uncle Rosho : I think I'd make a great agony uncle... Don't you ? 
  3. : This is why I have to make my own matrimonial tests to find the perfect bride. 
  4. *Benefits of being a Premium Blogger : aka my demands whenever you enter my blog. 
  5. *God is in the fine print : A college for those who want to be a God Man 
  6. WeChat contest with multiple celebrities : Post 1 and 2 
  7. *The Superstar Criterion How to assess superstars in Bollywood.
  8. *Chinese whispers : What happens when a simple gets passed along from one person to another. 
  9. My Majestic strut : Why do all my attempts to impress girls end up like this ? 
  10. *I am the superhero SpiderButtBat : Self explanatory, right? 
  11. *Winkey-smiley kissy face : When emoticons attack. 

Godyears - Heart beats

* - Author favourites

  1. *To the stranger I love : A letter to someone I love... and have never met till date.
  2. *After all this time? Always : The truest depiction of love in fiction
  3. *I need you to know, my child : A letter from a mother to her unborn child. For a dear friend of mine.
  4. *Hidden Spectrum: What was the secret that stopped him from asking her out? 
  5. The letter : Another letter to the person you love...
  6. *Love is : A comic strip you have all read. The love story behind it you have never heard of.
  7. *Son of a greater God : A tribute to the one I call my God.

Godyears - Life lessons

* - Authors favourites

  1. *Jungle Parable Sometimes the best lessons about love and letting go come from the unlikeliest sources. 
  2. *Once upon a time 25 years ago Being good at heart is what makes people will remember you for. 
  3. *Make a Chit Be your own saviour.
  4. *A quote which defines you What one quote do you identify with the most?
  5. Embers On surviving disappointments in life.
  6. *Within that inch, we are free Never give up on your morals, no matter the opposition. 
  7. *Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud Help those who need you... even if they don't ask. 
  8. Chocolate and a bitter pill If we just slow down and observe all around us, we can see magic all around us. 
  9. *Restarting life at 14 This billionaire known around the world chose not to give up after losing everything at the age of 14.
  10. Dignity under pressure This national award winning actress was thrown out of a dozen movies because of the industry's superstitious blind beliefs.
  11. *A few good men Humility is the difference. A Blogadda Spicy Saturday winner. 
  12. *The woods are calling The journey through life is similar to one through a forest 

Godyears - On being a doctor in India

What is it like being a doctor in India? Considering that the first medical post of Godyears was written back in 2005 when I was still an intern, I would say it's been one hell of a ride.

* - Author favourites

*Doctors, defend thyself : Still remains the most read and commented post in my blog after all these years. A Blogadda 'Saturday Spicy Pick' winner on the harsh reality of being a doctor in today's India.



Godyears - The Unseen Observer

* - Author favourites

  1. Live free or die hard  Based on the "pub beating" incident in Mangalore, 2009 
  2. *Within that inch, we are free. Stick to your morals.
  3. *Doctors, defend thyself  The reality of being a doctor in India
  4. The Damini Conundrum What would you do if you came across a girl being molested ?
  5. *Break a nose and twist some balls, girls Nobody is going to save you girls from India's rapists. Do it yourself.
  6. *The right to die The Aruna Shanbaug case for euthanasia 
  7. Blueprint for redeeming India  Staying safe in India
  8. Know that you are not free Being a democracy is different from being free

Godyears - Oh my God.

                                                                                         * - Author favourites

  1. Miracle Worker A discussion with an atheist on a real life event that appears to have a divine hand. 
  2. For want of a moan Yes.. sometimes we ask too much of God. 
  3. *The Ice-Cream Stick House 
  4. *Friday never ends God has a lot to answer for... starting with that damn "It's Friday" song. A Blogadda Tangy Tuesday pick. 
  5. My God, My prankster What do you do when God is hell-bent on playing pranks on you ? 
  6. *The God Complex A real life event that tested the faith of many of us in God... and his true intentions. 
  7. *Tetrapack Gods The true flaw of our religion - our willingness to believe in anyone 'claiming' to be God. 

Godyears - Fiction

* - Author's favourites

Romance, Comedy, Horror, Thrillers, Divine tales or just a lesson in life.. choose your poison !!!
For a list of my stories available in print or media, click here.
  1. *Shaktiman and Dirty Ganga India's best superhero is coming to save the day... and he ain't coming alone. Soon to be a major action movie. P.S. Funds needed. 
  2. *Father of my son A crystal ball look into what life maybe for me years from now as I tackle two of man's greatest challenges : My kid's first love and an angry missus ! A BlogAdda Spicy Saturday Pick of the Month. 
  3. The War Maker A follow up to "Father of my son". A look into the wonderful ballet of fights within relationships. 
  4. *The Jungle Parable Would you be willing to learn one of life's most important lessons from an animal ? 
  5. *The stranger I love I've never met you in my life. But I love you. 
  6. *Old school A story of young, innocent love... based on personal school memories. 
  7. *Heartstrings The day we tell someone we love how we really feel is always memorable. 
  8. New beginnings Even seniors have trouble in asking a girl out. 
  9. *Hidden Spectrum: What was the secret that stopped him from asking her out? 

Godyears - Days of my Life

* - Author's favourites

  1. *Premium Blogger Being chosen as one of 10 Premium Bloggers of the country by Blogadda.
  2. *Featuring in Indian Express 
  3. *My interview Self- explanatory.
  4. *Online reviews for Urban Shots : Bright Lights and the Book launch Great reviews for the book and my story. 
  5. *The 'Ten Shades of Life' Book Launch.  
  6. My first published story ( Paperback ) Published in 'Chicken Soup for the Indian Doctor's Soul'
  7. *YEAR 9 of blogging begins. It really has been an amazing journey.
  8. Winning Indireads short story contest
  9. *Ruby... wonder dog. Dogyears  The trial of Ruby  Take a 'Bow'  Dog wars  2 of my favourite things  It's a dogs world  RIP Ruby 1999 - 2013
  10. *Snoopy... vampire dog. A faithful hint of citrus and coffee  Snoopy File - 01  The dog, the bone and the tree 
  11. Heartstrings - ebook: My short story Heartstrings available as an e-book too.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Contest entry: The 'FRIENDS' reunion

Being a doctor takes it's toll on your social life. Always being at the beck and call of patients or a hospital ensures that getting free time at the end of the week is a luxury rather than a given. Even when we chat on the phone nowadays with old college mates, you can hear the nostalgia in their voice as they talk of the good old days when we could relax after a grueling day at the hospital, watching sitcoms and movies on the shared dorm television set while having dinner. So if I had the choice of hosting a party, I know exactly what I would do.

Step 1: The Guest-list
Who better than my fellow friends from medical college who I grew up with and who would truly cherish the opportunity to not just have a break from the grind of hospital life but an informal party like old times where we could just sit, relax and have a fun weekend revisiting old memories.  

Step 2: The 'Save the date' cards.
Have you tried to get a doctor on a weekend? Tough, isn't it? So imagine the odds of getting 15 specialists AND their spouses free on the same weekend! It isn't going to happen without a very early set of 'Save the date' cards being dispatched via email, informing them of the date and driving instructions to get to my place.