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Godyears - Days of my Life

* - Author's favourites

  1. *Premium Blogger Being chosen as one of 10 Premium Bloggers of the country by Blogadda.
  2. *Featuring in Indian Express 
  3. *My interview Self- explanatory.
  4. *Online reviews for Urban Shots : Bright Lights and the Book launch Great reviews for the book and my story. 
  5. *The 'Ten Shades of Life' Book Launch.  
  6. My first published story ( Paperback ) Published in 'Chicken Soup for the Indian Doctor's Soul'
  7. *YEAR 9 of blogging begins. It really has been an amazing journey.
  8. Winning Indireads short story contest
  9. *Ruby... wonder dog. Dogyears  The trial of Ruby  Take a 'Bow'  Dog wars  2 of my favourite things  It's a dogs world  RIP Ruby 1999 - 2013
  10. *Snoopy... vampire dog. A faithful hint of citrus and coffee  Snoopy File - 01  The dog, the bone and the tree 
  11. Heartstrings - ebook: My short story Heartstrings available as an e-book too.
  12. Modesty, thy name is me I won an award in a caption contest. Luckily, I'm too modest to boast on my stunning achievement.
  13. Me in the papers !! Would you believe I actually got my name in the newspaper ? And it wasn't for perverted behaviour ??? 
  14. Reviewed by Orkutheroes Autograph, anyone ? 
  15. Reviewed by FBR 
  16. Flash mob at Yenepoya Medical College, Mangalore
  17. Pune Blogger meet
  18. My blog reviewed and ripped apart
  19. 5 years of blogging over Make that 6 years of blogging - plus a list of favourite posts and now *7 years of blogging !! 
  20. Hometown blues Coming home after becoming an M.D., everything changes.
  21. My Handwriting analysis What does my handwriting say about me ? 
  22. Please take my money !! The ordeal of trying to pay to get my online laptop.
  23. Enjoying my parole
  24. To Payangadi and back An Indiana Jonesesque adventure P.S. a pretty long post. Be warned ye who trespass. 
  25. Old dogs and Wild Hogs Time flies by. It's always good to take a break and look back on the days we've spent when we were young. 
  26. Attending two Fosters "Art of chilling" parties helped me make some nice friends. Event 1 and Event 2.
  27. Meeting Preeti Shenoy I was lucky enough to be there for the release of her first book
  28. Winning Weblog award
  29. Getting an escort What happens when you need to get a girl real bad and you're as dumb as I am 
  30. Godyears.net Even buying a domain name is never a simple job for me.
  31. They're out there Encounter with a weirdo
  32. The Pig Why would a girl want to be a Pig ?
  33. What's luck got to do with it ? When we win a lottery, it's luck. But does that extend to real life incidents too ?
  34. God is my witness Don't you hate it when you can't get a song out of your head ?
  35. Getting swine flu Self- explanatory, I guess.
  36. Suffering from sacroiliitis. Me & Dr House  The butt obsessed post  Docs make the worst patients  Believe in well wishers
  37. Birthday wishes My birthday wishes.
  38. My Sins against Stereotypes 
  39. *The Godyears Movie Quiz and the Winners.

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