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* - Author Favourites

  1. *My 1.34 crore resume : This is how I'm gonna get Facebook to pay me 1.34 crores or more. 
  2. *Ask Uncle Rosho : I think I'd make a great agony uncle... Don't you ? 
  3. Youreallywannamarryme.com : This is why I have to make my own matrimonial tests to find the perfect bride. 
  4. *Benefits of being a Premium Blogger : aka my demands whenever you enter my blog. 
  5. *God is in the fine print : A college for those who want to be a God Man 
  6. WeChat contest with multiple celebrities : Post 1 and 2 
  7. *The Superstar Criterion How to assess superstars in Bollywood.
  8. *Chinese whispers : What happens when a simple gets passed along from one person to another. 
  9. My Majestic strut : Why do all my attempts to impress girls end up like this ? 
  10. *I am the superhero SpiderButtBat : Self explanatory, right? 
  11. *Winkey-smiley kissy face : When emoticons attack. 
  12. Ching chongs and Tootsies : How do you suppose crime fighters view our tabloid babes ? 
  13. To have a story rejected: How do you react to rejection letters from publishers?
  14. *You, me and a cuppa Kappa chips : I decode the truth behind two of the biggest festivals of our state. 
  15. Why did the snake cross the road : Can you spot the snake in the picture? 
  16. A couple of fun sign boards I saw ( Exhibit A ) and ( Exhibit B ) 
  17. He's got a girlfriend : Really? He has a girlfriend and I don't?? 
  18. Naive with a capital C : Playing pranks.
  19. The right man for the job : It's a proud feeling when your students call, asking you for doubts...isn't it ?
  20. The Unreal me : Who am I ? I'm Superman !!!
  21. That white lady's lost it : Review of Simi Garewal's India's Most Desirable show.
  22. The arranged marriage : How times have changed... Remember how the first meeting between boy and girl used to be.
  23. Desh ki dhadkan : How did you react to India's abysmal performance at the Cricket World Cup 2007. As maturely as me, I hope.
  24. What is Big B not telling us ? : I think Big B's being a bad boy...
  25. Silky smooth baldness : Is there a conspiracy in haircare products .. or is it just me ? 
  26. The Pig : How do you turn a girl into a pig willingly ? 
  27. Inane trivia : Just knowing inane trivia ain't enough. You must know how to utilise it too.

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