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  1. Live free or die hard  Based on the "pub beating" incident in Mangalore, 2009 
  2. *Within that inch, we are free. Stick to your morals.
  3. *Doctors, defend thyself  The reality of being a doctor in India
  4. The Damini Conundrum What would you do if you came across a girl being molested ?
  5. *Break a nose and twist some balls, girls Nobody is going to save you girls from India's rapists. Do it yourself.
  6. *The right to die The Aruna Shanbaug case for euthanasia 
  7. Blueprint for redeeming India  Staying safe in India
  8. Know that you are not free Being a democracy is different from being free
  9. Head held under water  Being held prisoners by fanatics. Mangalore, 2006 
  10. Malala at the UN The 16 year old girl's inspiring speech.
  11. Look beyond the numbers Contest entry - How can we improve the health of India's children?
  12. Indian whisper  Based on the infamous Sydney test, 2008 
  13. Can we just wish her well  India's reaction to Sania Mirza's wedding to a Pakistani player was despicable 
  14. Pakistan terrorist attack discrepancies Based on the attack on Sri Lankan cricketeres, 2009 
  15. U.P. Statues Mayawati's penchant for making her own statues is ridiculous, to say the least. 
  16. The real inglorious bastards  Based on the Shah Rukh Khan-Shiv Sena tussle, 2010  
  17. The Babri verdict - what if  Too bad they didn't go to a pizza shop for justice... could have saved 60 years. 
  18.  Why I refuse to vote  The billionth voter   Voting for change  
  19. *Is your vote worth anything - Guest post for Nav-Bharat 
  20. Based on the Mumbai blasts, 2008  We could use some help, Mr God  Our learning curve 
  21. It's annoying to be cheated over and over again. Get angry, doc   The rabid dog  Death of a naive man  The need for everyone's approval   Death of a naive man  I have a choice... and I choose 
  22. Our morality - a nice myth 
  23. We're sorry, Aishwarya 
  24. Crumpled peacock, tattered tiger
  25. Random observations : 

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