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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The look of a doctor

Authors note:  This entry won me a Flipkart voucher for the P.A.U.S. contest.

When I lay down to rest at night, I carry with me not just the grime and exhaustion of a long day but the images of all that I witnessed in the operation theater. The pain, blood, broken bones and tears of patients and their loved ones. I wear their sorrows beneath my mask and hide it there the whole day through.
But the mask must come off and it does. And the suffering I have seen shows upon my face... the weariness I feel within.

And he yearns for peace
 as he closes his eyes every night.

But I carry on. For I cannot be selfish. I cannot think of myself alone. There are patients all around who need me. And they deserve more... they deserve better than a tired doctor with a grizzled stubble upon his features. They need someone they can respect; someone to hold their hand and let them know they are safe once again. And that someone has to look the part too. He must be the one who brings hope back to the sleep-deprived eyes who suffer around him.
He has to be dapper, he has to be clean shaven and his smile should evoke confidence.

He must arise every morning 
once more a beacon of hope.

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