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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hollywood Movies to watch out for (March 2014)

Ah yes.
The big flicks of the year are almost upon us. Can you feel it?
All you movie buffs already know that there are a mouth-watering bunch of movies lined up this year for Hollywood fans, ranging from block-buster movies, CGI laden extravaganzas, awaited sequels and potentially good mysteries, dramas and comedies too .
But before the mega summer begins (come May), let’s take a look at some movies that hold a lot of promise releasing in March 2014, shall we?

300- Rise of an Empire
Release Date: March 7, 2014
Genre:  Action
Synopsis: Remember that visual marvel that was ‘300’ based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel? Well, it’s taken a while but the Greeks are back and this time as they once more take on the mighty forces of the Persians led by their ‘God’ Xerxes.
Bartender’s view: Expect more of the same gorgeous visuals which look less like a movie and more like divine paintings. The battle moves on to the sea this time from the trailers and while I’m a tad sceptical because Zack Synder is no longer directing, I still believe this will be a 'must-watch' on the big screen with your 3D glasses on.
View the trailer here.