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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Father of My Son - Reviews

These are the reviews of my story "Father of my Son" published in Urban Shots : Bright Lights ( Grey Oaks Publications ).

Palak Mathur : "I am crazy about Wodehouse and the craziness of his character. Similar, craziness is evident in the story named Father of my Son by Roshan Radhakrishnan. I think comparison with Wodehouse stands testimony to the wonderful story-telling capabilities that he possesses. I will like to keep a note of him and will fondly be following his career as a writer." 

Priyanka : "'Father Of My Son' By Roshan Radhakrishnan is a rib tickling comedy by a good friend and wonderful writer. Having known and read him even before he got published, I can vouch that this man with his crazy sense of humour and comic timing is someone who can get you cracking up in seconds...and his story 'Father Of My Son' stands testimony to that." 

Saumya Kulshreshtha : "Generally, I hold a proclivity for intense and emotional stories, but this time, I was bowled over by a light and humorous story by the name of Father Of My Son by Roshan Radhakrishnan- a finely narrated tale of the innocence of childhood, the role and relationships of parents, the balance which needs to be found while performing multiple roles and justifying multiple relations in a family and eventually, the love which defines, binds and sustains a home. I have read and reread this story and it still makes me smile."