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Godyears - Dog years

Ruby... wonder dog. 

(2006) Dogyears  - Why dogs are better than humans
(2006) Take a 'Bow'  - Guest post by the dog himself!
(2007) The trial of Ruby  - How does your dog behave when caught doing something wrong?
(2009) Dog wars  - How does Ruby react when we mess with her? You don't want to know!
(2009) RIP Leo & (2010) Bruno 
(2010) Old dogs and Wild hogs - Even though we grow old, a part of that youthful spark remains.
(2011) Two of my favourite things  - What could they be?
(2012) It's a dogs world  - The difference between Ruby and the doberman, Victor!
(2013) RIP Ruby 1999 - 2013 - A time to part

Snoopy... celebrity dog. 

(2013) A faithful hint of citrus and coffee  - The transition from Ruby to Snoopy
(2013) When your dog is embarrassed by you - When you do so badly, even the dog doesn't want to see you.
(2013) The dog, the bone and the tree - Some dogs cannot even make out the difference between a bone and a tree, apparently.
(2014) A dogyear later - One eventful year of the new kid.
(2014) The Athens Agenda - A Snoopikus mystery - A prize winning entry on Snoopy's first international spy adventure.
(2014) The Couch dog - The one where Snoopy proves you can't teach an old dog new tricks

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